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Which FBA Delivery Service to worldwide? First understand the three ways of FBA Delivery

Which FBA Delivery Service to worldwide? First understand the three ways of FBA Delivery

2021-04-29 15:20

As an Amazon seller, you must have a clear understanding of logistics companies, overseas warehouses, and FBA in order to go higher and farther on the Amazon platform. This article briefly analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the three FBA Delivery methods, hoping to help you choose the logistics method that suits you.

FBA Delivery Service to worldwide

(1) Logistics company

Of course, I will only talk about cross-border logistics companies such as our company. Those domestic domestic logistics have nothing to do with Amazon, so I won't talk about it here. For Amazon sellers, if they do not have their own company and do not have their own products, then the initial choice will be a logistics company, that is, after an Amazon buyer places an order, the goods will be shipped directly from China to the buyer. Of course, if you choose It’s a cheap logistics company, so the time between the buyer’s order and the receipt of the goods may be very long. As a result, the competitive Amazon platform may lag behind, and the buyer may not choose your goods because of the long time. . But if you choose a short time, the logistics cost per minute is higher than the price of the product. Therefore, generally, only sellers who have just stepped into Amazon will choose the logistics method of directly shipping from China to buyers.

(2) Amazon FBA

The full name of FBA is FullfillmentByAmazon, and the Chinese translation is called FBA. It is a one-stop logistics service provided by Amazon, including warehousing, picking and packaging, delivery, collection, customer service and return processing. So as an Amazon seller, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using FBA?


1. Improve Listing ranking, help sellers become featured sellers and grab shopping carts, increase customer trust and increase sales.

2. Years of rich logistics experience, warehouses all over the world, intelligent management.

3. Super fast delivery time (most warehouses are close to the airport).

4.7*24 Amazon professional customer service.

5. Erase bad reviews disputes caused by logistics.

6. All FBA logistics fees are exempted for products with a unit price of more than 300 USD.


1. Generally speaking, the cost is slightly higher than that of domestic shipments (especially FBA shipments on non-Amazon platforms), but it also depends on the weight of the product.

2. Poor flexibility (the common shortcoming of all overseas warehouses, but other third-party overseas warehouses can still have dedicated Chinese customer service to deal with some problems, but FBA can only communicate with customers in English, and the reply by email will not be like the first Three-party overseas warehouse customer service is so timely).

3. The FBA warehouse will not provide customs clearance services for the seller's first shipment.

4. If the preliminary work is not done well, problems with label scanning will affect the goods entering the warehouse, or even fail to enter the warehouse.

5. The return address only supports the United States (if you are doing FBA for the US site).

6. If the customer wants to return the goods, they can return the goods without too much communication with FBA (returning goods is too random, which brings a lot of trouble to the seller).

(3) Overseas warehouse

Overseas warehouse, that is, overseas warehousing service. One-stop control and management services of goods warehousing, sorting, packaging, and delivery provided by the online foreign trade trading platform and logistics service providers independently or jointly for the sellers in the sales target place. The seller stores the goods in the local warehouse, and when the buyer has a demand, he responds quickly and carries out the sorting, packaging and delivery of the goods in time.



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